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What the critics say about Mark Haysom’s debut novel, ‘Love, Love Me Do’ +++ Laura Lockington, B&H Independent, October 30 2014 ‘You’ll be cheering the wonderful characters along as hope and optimism win the day’ This book transports you immediately straight back to the 1960s, with this touching and heart-warming tale. It’s a book about love, in all its complicated and messy forms. It’s set in 1963, the year that The Beatles first top the charts, the year that Martin Luther King had a dream, and the year that Truman Bird unceremoniously drags his family from their Brighton home and abandons them in a leaky caravan in the middle of the Ashdown Forest. And then disappears. Christie Bird married Truman too young. She’d had a great job in Hanningtons (and the description of that creaking, charmingly old-fashioned department store is wonderful) and didn’t want to leave work. But, back then, that’s […]

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I’m MARK HAYSOM and what you are about to read are the opening chapters of IMAGINE, my  second novel, published by Piatkus and available in paperback and Kindle editions. Saturday, 3 August 1963 1 Saturday afternoon: Crawley New Town One behind the other, the two men lead the way from the bus station with the battered leather suitcase hoisted high above their heads. They are identically dressed in long drape jackets with velvet-trimmed collars, suede shoes with thick crepe soles, drainpipe trousers and bootlace ties. One has a cigarette that bobs dangerously from the corner of his mouth; he squints as the smoke snakes into his eyes. In sashaying polka-dot circle skirts and sling-back heels, their bottle-blonde girlfriends follow on in single file. Behind them are the children, Megan and then Baxter. Christie brings up the rear, carrying the baby. And they are doing the conga. A minute ago, everything seemed […]

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‘Imagine’ publishing dates

Imagine will be published first as an ebook (and, of course, on Kindle) on March 6th 2015. On May 1st, the paperback edition will publish in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. It is currently planned that the UK paperback will go on sale on December 2nd – although this date may change.  

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I’m MARK HAYSOM and what you are about to read are the opening chapters of LOVE, LOVE ME DO, my debut novel, published by Piatkus in paperback and Kindle editions. Friday, 2 August 1963 The Ashdown Forest, Sussex 1. Baxter: 5.24 a.m. Baxter had stood there, angrily swishing a favourite stick It was like a clock going slowly tick . . . tick . . . tick . . . tick … tick . . . Baxter could hear it now and he could feel it ticking not just in his head but somehow too inside his stomach as he lay in the grey light of dawn, hot and sleepless in the narrow tousled bench bed at the back of the cramped caravan. No, that wasn’t it. It was more like when you turned a key slowly in a clockwork toy and you could feel it getting tighter and tighter and you […]

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Five Characters in Search of a Theme Song

Annabel’s House of Books, October 14 2014 ‘An intriguing novel … I really enjoyed it’ By ANNABEL GASKELL Looking at the title and cover of this book, I was expecting something light-hearted, a little bit sixties rock’n’roll, a bit Nick Hornby-ish if you will – and involving a caravan. Well the last bit was right, less so the others. The title, that of the Beatles’ first hit single, is an anchor in time, and the book opens in 1963, Friday August the 2nd at 5.24am to be precise. Young Baxter is dreading that later today he might have to go on a day-trip home to Brighton with his father. His mum, Christie, had said it’d be a good thing to have some time with his father, but Baxter doesn’t want to go – he wants to stay in the caravan, play in the grass and go and see Soldier in the woods. […]

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Mark Haysom’s heartbreaking debut novel

By TASHNY SUKUMARAN, The Star of Malaysia An ordinary tale of a family struggling to make ends meet is delivered with telling effect. THE Beatles’ first single, 1962’s Love Me Do, is a strikingly teenage effort – a promise to stay true, a vow of everlasting love and sweetness. But the same cannot be said of British author Mark Haysom’s debut novel, Love, Love Me Do – named for the song and also set in the 1960s – a powerful, exhausting story of both the frailness and strength of human hearts. Truman Bird, a lying layabout of a man, forces his wife Christie and their children from their Brighton home into a crummy caravan parked in the Ashdown forest under the guise of a summer holiday. But six weeks on he’s nowhere to be seen; he’s seeking out borrowed money and solace in unfamiliar arms on the road, while his […]

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Mark at Bookish Supper

Last night (September 10th) Mark was one of the guest authors at The Bookish Supper Society in Brighton. He read a short extract from ‘Love, Love Me Do’ and was then interviewed by Laura Lockington. Also appearing at the Naked Eye Gallery were fellow authors William Nicholson and Hannah Vincent.

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Title announced

Mark Haysom’s publisher, Piatkus, has today announced the title for the sequel to Love, Love Me Do. Originally billed as See My Baby Jive, Piatkus has now opted for Imagine – which they believe better encapsulates the hopes and dreams of the characters in the novel. Full story:  

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Former Grimsby journalist Mark Haysom has his debut novel published

Grimsby Telegraph, August 26th 2014 A NEW chapter has started in the life of a former Grimsby journalist – whose dream of becoming an author has come true after 40 years. Mark Haysom, 60, who took his first steps in journalism at the now defunct Grimsby News, has had his debut novel Love, Love Me Do published. Set in 1963, it tells the … Read more:  

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